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TEDAGUA and COBRA, special guests of the Government of Uruguay at a seminar on desalination and sludge energy recovery

TEDAGUA and COBRA, special guests of the Government of Uruguay at a seminar on desalination and sludge energy recovery

On 16 August 2012 the first Seminar on Water Desalination Plants and Energy Recovery from Treatment Plant Sludge, intended mainly for professionals and technical staff of the OSE (State Sanitary Works agency of Uruguay) was held in the Millennium room of the Hotel Palladium in Montevideo.

The Minister of Housing, Territorial Organisation, and the Environment Mr Francisco Beltrame, the President of OSE Mr Milton Machado, the General Manager of OSE Mr Danilo Ríos, the Secretary General of OSE, Dr. Gustavo A. Pérez, managers from all of the technical areas involved with this subject and the processes of obtaining and maintaining drinking water, engineers and technical staff from the Agency, authorities from LKSur, engineers and technical staff from LKSur and special guests representing the Spanish companies COBRA and TEDAGUA, which are part of the Spanish ACS Group, attended the conference.

This was the first seminar held in Uruguay to cover the subject of water desalination or the transformation of sea (salt) water into drinking water. The seminar also cover the experience of energy recovery from sludge - which provides a significant direct reduction in consumption in plant operation - in a world desperately seeking sustainable solutions and improvements in the energy efficiency of treatment plants.

LKSur’s Corporate Director, Ernesto Rehermann, opened the Seminar by expressing his satisfaction at the large turnout of such highly qualified professionals and technicians. He went on to highlight the importance of the issues that would be covered in the seminar for the development of Uruguay towards a new world that not only recovers energy but needs to trigger an energy revolution to achieve greater sustainability while above all conserving its natural resources.

He was followed by the Minister of Housing, Territorial Organisation, and the Environment, Francisco Beltrame, who thanked the organisers for their efforts and congratulated them on the initiative, underscoring the final goal of common well-being and a better future for citizens. The event continued with a speech by the President of OSE Milton Machado, who called attention to and expressed his appreciation of the presence of representatives from General Management, the Water and Drainage Departments and the Engineers and Technical Staff from OSE.

The seminar’s technical subjects were covered by the engineers Francisco Javier López Buciega and Miguel Ángel Fernández López-Guevara, both professionals with many years of experience in the subjects under discussion. They discussed the experience of the ACS business group in Spain and in the world for the highly qualified audience. The presenters provided a quick technical explanation of the concept of desalination by reverse osmosis. They presented and explained a variety of projects by ACS-Cobra throughout the world and finished with a presentation on Modular Desalination Plants for small cities or resorts.

At the express request of the Agency they also presented several experiences by the Cobra Group with solutions for Energy Recovery from Treatment Plant Sludge by transforming it into biogas to be used later as energy to reduce energy consumption of the plants themselves.

Later Ms. Griselda Castagnino from the OSE’s Drinking Water Department approached the question from the local perspective. She presented the Agency’s experience with a pilot desalination plant in a small town in Treinta y Tres District.

The Seminar was organised by LKSur, an engineering consulting firm specialising in the hydraulics field, the environment and renewable energies, to contribute to the strategic development of Uruguay in environmental and energy questions. It is an example of the continuous search for technology in the most innovating and efficient systems from around the world.

From left to right: Messrs Gabriel dos Santos (LKSur), Milton Machado (President of OSE), Miguel Ángel Fernández López-Guevara (Cobra - Tedagua), Francisco Javier López Buciega (Cobra - Tedagua), the Minister of Housing, Territorial Organisation, and the Environment, Francisco Beltrame, Corporate Director of LKSur Ernesto Rehermann, Director of Engineering of LKSur Nicolás Rehermann

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