Our projects

Island of Tenerife Reuse and Desalination Systems

Operation of the integral wastewater reuse and desalination system on the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, with a surface area of over 2,000 km2 and a population of 900,000 inhabitants.

Reuse Plant in the Oil Field of Puerto Gaitan

Reuse Plant in the Oil Field of Puerto Gaitan

Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Renewal of Dhaka Water Network

The project improves the drinking water supply for more than 1,000,000 people in the 10th district of Mirpur in northern Dhaka.

Drinking Water Treatment Plant: Richmond Road, Lexington

These works consist of new filtration installations creating a treatment capacity of 94,625 m3/day.

Gamboa Drinking Water Treatment Plant

246,000 m³/d = 65 MIGD (millions of imperial gallons per day) drinking water treatment plant.

Spence Copper Mine Desalination Plant

Design, engineering and construction of an 86,400 M3/day desalination plant.

Escombreras Desalination Plant

The plant has a current maximum production capacity of 63,000 m3/day of drinking water, with expansion potential to 72,000 m3/day.

Beni Saf Desalination Plant

With a production of 200,000 m3/day, this is considered one of the largest seawater desalination plants in the world.

Alhucemas Desalination Plant

The works to be carried out consist of the design and construction of a desalination plant with an overall production capacity of 17,300 m3 of drinking water per day (200 l/s).

Taboada Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Taboada wastewater treatment plant, with an average flow of 14 m3/s and a maximum flow of 20.3 m3/s, has become the largest WWTP built in South America to date.

Water Treatment Plant at the Combined Cycle Power Plant in Bremen

The plant built in Bremen for Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Bremen (GKB) has a production capacity of 445.6 MW.

Optimization of Drinking Water Supply and Sewerage in Northern Lima

Rehabilitation of the sewerage and drinking water networks in the area known as LIMA NORTE II.

Emissary for Taboada Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water conduit consisting of 3,000 mm diameter piping installed in 3,900 m of trenching.

Emissary for Beni Saf Desalination Plant

HDPE sewer pipeline. 1,550 m long and 2,400 mm in diameter (1,200 m submarine and 350 m overland).

Pipelines and Auxiliary Works Escombreras Desalination Plant

Included in the contract for the design and construction of the Escombreras desalination plant for the production of drinking water.

Belgrano Drinking Water Treatment Plant Extension

The current treatment flow by 1,000,000.00 m3/day, thus increasing the total capacity of the plant from 1,950,000.00 m3/day to 2,950,000.00 m3/day.

Bee Creek Sewage Treatment Plant Extension

The works consist of the expansion of the Bee Creek wastewater treatment plant in the city of Murray.

Drinking Water Supply Pontevedra y ETAP de Lérez

Expansion of the drinking water treatment plant (DWTP) in Lérez from 25,900 to 86,400 m3/day.

Monforte de Lemos Drinking Water Supply and Treatment Plant

New drinking water treatment plant (DWTP) with a capacity to produce 20,000 m3/day, with civil works undertaken for a future expansion to 26,000 m3/day.

Yibuti Desalination Plant

Design, construction and five years of operation of a desalination plant, supply pipeline and drinking water storage tank in Djibouti.

C. de Regantes de Mazarrón Desalination Plant

Historically these infrastructures were two essential facilities for agricultural development in the region of Murcia.

Desalination Plant in Oman

The construction of a seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant.

Abu Dhabi Small Scale Modular Desalination Plants

Abu Dhabi Small Scale Modular Desalination Plants

Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Nabeul Wastewater Treatment Plant

In May 2013, the Office National de l'Assainissement (ONAS) awarded TEDAGUA.

Expansion of the Bizerte Wastewater Treatment Plant

A turn-key construction contract (EPC) for ONAS (Office National de l´Assainissement).

El Attar Pumping Station

The project consist of raising the wastewater from El Attar to the wastewater treatment plant of the same name.

Chotrana Pumping Station

The Chotrana pumping station has a capacity of 1,300 l/sec (112,320 m3/day).

Sanitation of Pedanías de Badajoz

The project includes the construction of four new WWTPs with a flow of 2,400 m3/day.

Gandarío Sewers and Wastewater Treatment Plant

The biological treatments performed consist of a suspended biomass process using activated sludge with extended aeration.

C. de Regantes de Águilas Desalination Plant

Historically these infrastructures were two essential facilities for agricultural development in the region of Murcia.

Tuas III Desalination Plant

Tedagua (Cobra’s water treatment subsidiary) played a key role in Singapore contractor.

Agnita y Dumbraveni Drinking Water Treatment Plants

A new drinking water treatment plant with an average flow of 270m3/hour.

Provisur Desalination and Wastewater Treatment Plant

This desalination plant is part of the project for the Provisión de Servicios de Saneamiento para los Distritos del Sur (PROVISUR).

Improvement and Expansion of Drinking Water, Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment Systems City of Jaen-Cajamarca

This plant was the solution for the drinking water supply problems suffered by 86,000 inhabitants of the city of Jaén.

Effluent Treatment at La Pampilla Refinery

Oil Industry treatment plant for the treatment of oily effluents generated in the production of petroleum products.

New Water intake for the Changuinola Drinking Water Plant

Raw water intake at the ‘El Silencio’ drinking water plant.

Bilwi Drinking Water Treatment Plant

These works, that will benefit more than eleven thousand households.

Werribee Recycled Water Treatment Plant

Design and construction of a 6,000m3/day treatment plant to produce recycled water for non-drinking residential use in new housing estates in outer Melbourne.

Altona Wastewater Treatment and Recycled Water Plant

Cobra’s water subsidiary, Tedagua, entered the Australian water market with the design, construction and operation of the Altona Wastewater Treatment and Recycled Water Plant.

Ras Alkhaimah Desalination Plant

Engineering, procurement and construction contract for a seawater desalination plant that will generate 100,000 m3/day of drinking water to meet the needs of Ras Al Khaimah and its surroundings.

Mar Menor Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Plant

Design, construction, operation and maintenance over four years of the Edar del Mar Menor water reuse plant, located in Murcia, Spain.